Liabilities Involved with Baffins Pond Liner Installation

Regardless of what the contractor believes, if he fails to repair any leaks in the pond liner caused by anything other than the customer’s responsibility, he may be sued for libel. If a liner leak is identified early on before the flowing water can cause any harm, there are unlikely to be serious consequences. However, it is standard practice for less-than-reputable contractors or unlicensed pond builders to install an auto-fill system to remedy the leaking water problem. Click here and learn more. The following are various liabilities involved in Baffin’s pond liner installation:

  1. Within three years of their construction, more than 33% of all waterfalls suffer major structural damage. Regarding their waterfall, 57 percent of homeowners are dissatisfied with how it turned out after the renovation was completed.
  2. Within 9 months of completion, over one-third of all waterfalls and ponds leak.
  3. Pumps unsuited for their applications are found in 27% of all outdoor waterfalls and ponds, resulting in extra costs down the road.
  4. 63 percent of “do-it-yourselfers” said they wished they had had the right information from the start or engaged a professional.
  • More liabilities involved

Due to the structure of the liner, finding a leak is nearly impossible without removing the entire rock from the waterfall and pond, which may be prohibitively expensive. As a result, many pond liner contractors ignore the problem. A lawsuit, bankruptcy, or a mark on the pond liner industry will be the result. The water level will ultimately settle at the exact spot of the leak if the autofill is switched off and the pond is allowed to leak. If the waterfall is switched off, but the water level remains the same, the conclusion is that the waterfall, not the pond, is leaking.

This method pinpoints the general position of the liner leak rapidly. A liner failure caused by rats, mice, gophers, ground squirrels, chipmunks, and other rodents can often influence the surrounding areas, resulting in property damage from water. Flood damage to a neighbor’s property can lead to undermined foundation footings, damaged patios, and flooded basements.


To summarize, a disclaimer should be inserted to shield the pond liner contractor from liability by reducing misunderstanding about the integrity of pond liners and the potential of the client being mistakenly deceived by the degree of liners reliability. The guarantee should clarify that it solely covers manufacturing defects in the liner. Click on this link for more details.

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